Frequently Asked Questions


How do i get started?

Click here to fill out a contact form or Call Molly Bahr at (305) 204-2587 or Email:

What are your office hours?

Monday - Thursday 11:00am to 6:30pm.

Do you provide virtual therapy?

Yes, if you are a good fit for virtual therapy. Therapist is able to work with residents of Florida and Hawaii at the same fee as an in person session, $150. Simple Practice provides a secure HIPAA compliant video platform that’s easy to use.

How often do i come? For how long?

Generally, therapy is most effective 1x a week until you show signs of improvement, ability to utilize new coping skills, and you feel ready to reduce the frequency of sessions.

It is difficult to determine how long someone might benefit from therapy as this can vary depending on the presenting issue, severity of symptoms, and how long you’ve been experiencing them. Other factors such as resources, positive support, readiness to change can affect length of treatment.

What does ‘HAes’ mean?

Health At Every Size (HAES) is a size inclusive approach that emphasizes the importance of providing respectful care to all bodies, honors and celebrates body diversity, challenges diet culture and narrow standards of beauty, and if the client wants to focus on improving health and compassionate self care, the focus will be on health promoting behaviors, not weight.

It is important to us you feel accepted and treated with respect and compassion. You will not be judged in this office for your weight or what your body looks like. All bodies are welcome here.

What happens next?

You will be emailed a link to the secure and HIPAA compliant platform Simple Practice to review and sign paperwork. This needs to be completed before your initial session. Please let therapist know if you have any questions about the paperwork. There is secure messaging on Simple Practice.

You will also receive a text message from the secure and HIPAA compliant platform IvyPay to put your credit card on file. You will initially be charged $1 which will be used towards your first appointment. $149 will be charged the morning of your scheduled session unless you provide 24-hours notice to cancel or reschedule. Follow-up sessions will be $150.

How do I pay for sessions?

We don’t accept insurance at this time but we can provide you a superbill to submit if you have out-of-network benefits. Contact your insurance to find out if you have out-of-network benefits and what they are. Click here for a list of additional questions to ask about possible reimbursement.

We require a credit card on file with IvyPay. It will be charged the morning of your scheduled appointment. In the event you miss an appointment or cancel with less than 24-hours notice you will be charged the appointment fee of $150. While completing your paperwork you can opt-in for appointment reminders the day before session. Though they may not be guaranteed.

Can I reAD your clinical forms?

Declaration of Practices and Procedures

Notice of Privacy Practices

Consent for Telehealth

What happens in the first session?

We will review the policies and any questions you have about the paperwork you completed. The therapist will then ask you a series of questions to gather information on what brings you to counseling and your past experiences. Together you will begin to form the treatment plan and identify the goals you want to accomplish in therapy.

We will review what works best for you and what hasn’t been helpful in the past. You can open up as much as you feel comfortable. It can be difficult to talk to a stranger about personal matters, it can take time to build trust and comfort in therapy. We will go at the speed you feel comfortable at. This is a place of healing, rushing doesn’t usually help the process.

What is EMDR?

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) is an effective 8 phase therapy process to help reduce and heal from the distress, vividness, intensity of emotions, and body sensations of an event or issue that's bothering you. It can be used to target disturbing memories as well as negative core beliefs like: “I’m not good enough”, “I’m unlovable”, or “I’m a failure” to name a few.

While the use of bilateral stimulation (moving eyes back and forth or tapping knees/hands left and right) may sound strange, this is not hypnosis and we take precaution to assure you stay within your window of tolerance. Many report symptoms of relief in the first session though this cannot be guaranteed.

The therapist is trained in EMDR and may recommend it if you would be a good candidate. If you’d like more information, click here to read more from the EMDR association: EMDRIA.